Educational Resources

This Digital Resource Library was created by the Jewish Museum London learning team. The Library brings together objects, video and audio that relate to the Jewish experience in Wales from collections across the country and is specifically designed for teachers and students.

Photograph (Object)

Copyright/attribution: St Fagans National Museum of History

What do you see?

We can see a man wearing a top hat. We can also see a woman holding a bouquet of flowers. Look closely, what do you see?

What do we know?

This is a photograph of the opening of the Llanelli Hebrew Congreation in 1909 by various officials including Chief Rabbi Hermann Adler. Rabbi Adler was the Chief Rabbi of the British Empire from 1891 – 1911.

What do you wonder?

We might wonder who the other people in the photograph are? We might wonder how many synagogues Rabbi Adler helped to open? What do you wonder?

Discussion Questions

What responsibilities does a rabbi have?

Why do different countries each have their own Chief Rabbi?