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This Digital Resource Library was created by the Jewish Museum London learning team. The Library brings together objects, video and audio that relate to the Jewish experience in Wales from collections across the country and is specifically designed for teachers and students.

Jacket (Object)

Copyright/attribution: St Fagans National Museum of History

What do you see?

We see a green military style jacket with brown buttons. We see that the jacket has chest pockets and a formal collar. What else do you see?

What do we know?

This military jacket was from a 1940 British Home Guard fatigue uniform. Fatigue uniform is a more casual style of military outfit that was usually worn by public uniformed servicemen such as Military Police, Home Guard and Fire Service. This jacket would have been worn by a Jewish serviceman during regular everyday fieldwork. More formal military wear would have been worn on special occasions such as parades.

What do we wonder?

We might wonder who wore this jacket? We might wonder what were some of the responsibilities of the Home Guard? What else do you wonder?

Discussion Questions

Why is it important to remember the Welsh Jewish contribution to helping the British army during the Second World War?

What might some of the challenges have been of being Jewish and serving in the British forces?